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Studying with Stratford - How It Works

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How Studying with Stratford Works

Stratford's home study High School Program is truly ideal for today's busy adult. On this page, you can gain further insight into how easily a Stratford program can fit into your life. From online exams to monthly payment plans, you're sure to enjoy the convenience of this program. > Please note that although this program offers a comprehensive range of subject matter, that it is not, nor intended to be, a substitute for state sponsored High School and GED programs. Particular schools and employers may not recognize completion of this program as high school equivalency.

    Before You Begin...

    Admissions Policy: Stratford has an open entrance policy. We believe that any adult who feels that he or she has the potential and capability to benefit from their selected program should be given the opportunity to continue their education. However, as a general rule, students should have a minimum of eight years of formal schooling.

    Age Requirements:
    You must be age 18 or older to enroll in this program.

    Enrollment Terms & Student Learning: View our enrollment agreement & refund policy. Feel free to view our complete Student Handbook to learn more about life as Stratford student. View our Student Integrity Policy.

 Enrollment & Coursework

1. Enroll and make the minimum down payment.

   There are three easy ways to enroll:
   Online - Use our secure website.
   Phone - Speak with an Enrollment Advisor 1-800-254-4070
   Mail - Complete an enrollment form and mail it in with your low down payment.

Please note that students outside of the U.S. and Canada must pay in full upon enrollment.

2. Start Studying!
All of the educational materials needed to complete your course are provided digitally in our online student center, eService, and/or shipped directly to you. Most enrollments are successfully processed within 48 hours. There are never any shipping/handling charges. If you agreed to participate in our digital study option, please note that materials available online in eService, will not be mailed to you.

3. Study & complete your exams.
You can submit your exams using our online student center, eService, or by sending them in the mail. Online exams are graded immediately. Stratford's qualified instructors are available by toll-free phone or e-mail whenever you have a question. Once you pass your exams in a module, your next module will automatically be triggered for delivery.

4. Successfully complete your program.
Some students finish their course in as little one year, but Stratford gives students up to two years to complete their studies.